Cruzeiro x Vila: overcrowding forces Mineiro to open sector during game

photo: Luiz Henrique Campos/EM/DAPress

Due to overcrowding in the Yellow Sector, the Red Sector was partially opened

A problem was registered in the stands of Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte, this Friday (1st), during the game between Cruzeiro and Vila Nova-GO, for the 16th round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.

Due to the overcrowding of the Yellow Sector, traditionally occupied by the organized supporters of Raposa, Mineiro had to partially open the upper Red Sector.

For the match against Goiás, Cruzeiro made available tickets only for the Orange (lower and upper), Purple (lower), Yellow (lower and upper) and Red (lower) sectors.

Photos of Cruzeiro fans in the game with Vila Nova

Wanted by the report supersportsMineiro reported that “there was a riot, followed by invasions, shortly before the start of the match, at the entrance of port C, due to the pressure exerted by the large number of fans who arrived at the same time”.

“For the best comfort of fans in the Upper Yellow sector, the security team determined the release of two blocks in the Upper Red sector”, added the Mineiro.

Problems against Sport

Videos that circulated on social media show the exact moment of confusion. In the images made by the Cruzeiro residents themselves, it is also possible to see that the employees of the Gigante da Pampulha followed the action without intervening.

Many fans left to access the stands at Mineiro close to the time of the match. Due to the long lines to enter the stadium, the turnstiles were released to avoid general confusion.

in contact with the supersportsthe Mineiro explained that the operation of inspection of the entrance of fans to the stadium is the responsibility of Cruzeiro.

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