Diamond bar hanging from glass bridge at 280 meters opens in Georgia

Have you ever thought about having a drink in the middle of a canyon, hanging 280 meters high by… glass?

This extra dose of excitement is central to the menu at Kassland, the bridge, bar and restaurant combo open to the public in June in one of Georgia’s most attractive national parks, Tbilisi.

With a privileged panoramic view of waterfalls and caves towards the Tsalka canyon, the attraction has at its highest point a multi-story diamond, where the establishment is located.

It would be not only the world’s tallest hanging structure, but the one at the highest altitude — the bar seeks Guinness approval world Records to set such marks.

to Kassland or "Front Bridge"in Georgia, has a suspended bar in the middle of a canyon - Reproduction/Facebook - Reproduction/Facebook
Image: Playback/Facebook

In the coming months, a series of accommodations should be made available to tourists interested in staying in the canyon region. However, a zip line and a kind of swing are already open. into the abyss, which can be accessed by bike.

The project was executed by the investment conglomerate Kass Group, which operates in Georgia and Israel, with estimated costs of around US$ 40 million or R$ 205 million.

Last year, Kass Group’s Tomer Mor Yosef revealed that the inspiration for the diamond was Tsalka’s own shape.

“The goal was to create an extreme, exciting and unforgettable moment that would awaken the five senses of visitors and manage to stay alive in their memories,” he told the Georgian Journal at the time.

The expectation is that Ponte Diamante and its bar will attract around 450 thousand visitors a year. In June, Georgia also lifted all of its restrictions on entry of foreigners due to covid-19, returning to the protocols in place in 2019.

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