Dubai becomes an exchange destination for Brazilians to boost their careers

build a international career has always been a dream among Brazilians. With the pandemic and the so-called new normal, this desire has been reinforced by factors such as rapid digitalization, the increase in unemployment and the advent of the “anywhere office”, which is the possibility of working from home from anywhere in the world.

In this new scenario, one of the most sought after destinations has been Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, identified as one of the places with the greatest number of opportunities for Brazilians, alongside countries such as Ireland, Canada, Portugal, England and the United States. In the first three months of 2022 alone, more than 40,000 Brazilians traveled there and around 5,500 are already residents.

“Employability for Brazilians in Dubai is on the rise in all sectors because less than 10% of the population is local, the rest is foreign,” says Leonardo Freitas, immigration specialist and president of the Hayman-Woodward consultancy, which specializes in global mobility.

He claims that Dubai’s job market is growing by leaps and bounds and has good opportunities for IT (information technology) professionals, programmers, digital content creators, graphic designers and blockchain specialists. “Many trades opened business in Dubai because the emirate was one of the first in the region to regulate crypto assets.”

Another area eager for new talent is health, which is looking for doctors, physiotherapists, nursing professionals and dentists, according to Freitas. “They are large hospitals and health clinics that serve people from all over the world. As Emirates (the airline of the United Arab Emirates) has a very large and accessible capillarity, people are going to Dubai in search of medical treatment, which is of much higher quality and infinitely cheaper than in the United States, for example.”

little bureaucracy

With the constant growth and construction of state-of-the-art real estate projects, due to the fact that Dubai is a major world business center and popular tourist destination, the expert points out that there are also many vacancies for engineering and infrastructure professionals and that the validation of diplomas is very fast. . “The one that takes the longest is in the medical field, but it takes 10 months at most.”

According to him, the visa, which is the responsibility of the employer, takes only a week to come out. “Everything is digital and without bureaucracy.” Freitas reveals that only HW Human Capital, which is Hayman-Woodward’s recruitment consultancy, has already carried out selection and recruitment processes of Brazilian professionals for large hotel chains such as Marriott, Bulgari and 4Seasons, financial organizations such as HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank and for Telegram, installed in Dubai. “We work with specialized vacancies, but there are opportunities accessible on several websites for different profiles and they recruit remotely.”


For Luiz Moura, founding partner of the mobility and corporate travel startup Voll, the fact that Dubai is the connecting link between East and West is one of the great attractions for Brazilian professionals.

He says that the city is known for being the gateway for these people to the largest economies in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and Mediterranean Europe, which makes companies and professionals find business opportunities in segments such as real estate. and services.

Another factor is that, in November, the issuance of visas valid for five years and the possibility of multiple entries over the period was announced, according to the businessman.


Another movement that has grown rapidly is that of people who go to Dubai to improve their English – a fundamental requirement to work there – and seek professional opportunities afterwards. ES Dubai, which specializes in exchanges, saw the number of Brazilian students grow 200% between 2020 and 2021, jumping from 300 to 1,000 students coming from Brazil.

In the first few months of 2022 alone, 400 others have already enrolled, according to Daiana Biondo, the school’s business manager, which offers high-quality individual or group student accommodation and language courses in a variety of modalities – including Business English and professional courses in digital marketing, tourism and hospitality.

Because the city time is 7 hours longer than in Brazil, she says that many executives from companies based here take advantage of the opportunity to combine their English study routine with remote work in Dubai. “We have several executive students who alternate classes with the home office, such as banking, IT and other professionals who have this flexibility.” The school also offers corporate programs in which courses are customized according to the demands of each company.

For those who want to kick-start their international career, ES also has an area to connect students to vacancies in the Dubai market and region. “And as the greatest number of opportunities are in the areas of hospitality and events, the school has launched a study and work program in partnership with a five-star hotel and vacancies in Qatar due to the high demand for the 2022 World Cup. “The candidate will study in July and August and work starts in September.”

Born in Santo André (SP), Vinícius Brun Maluf, 18, says he comes from an exchange student family, but he was the first to study English in Dubai. He has been at ES for ten months and even worked in the Portugal pavilion at the last Expo Dubai, welcoming customers from all over the world to the Portuguese restaurant that was installed in the space. “English gave my life a boost. Now that I speak fluent English, I have met people from all over the world. It was amazing culturally.”

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