Electronic Arts mocks single player games and receives criticism

Electronic Arts tried to make fun of it on social media, but it backfired. By playing with the preference of Internet users for single player works, the publisher received a series of criticism from the community – and assumed the defeat by popular opinion after the negative repercussion.

The publisher, owner of multiplayer titles with little engagement cited by internet users as anthem and battlefield 2042, was bombarded with comments defending the single-player proposals. Check out the post below:

They’re a ten, but they only like single player games.

For those who rarely use Twitter, this is a meme, where people praise each other and point out a flaw in sequence. Big names in the industry like Geoff Keighleyhost of The Game Awards and Cory Barlog, director of God of War (2018), spoke out against the tweet. Even Vince Zampellahead of Respawn Entertainment (EA studio), did not like the publication.

After the criticism, the publisher said the following:

They threw me into the fire deservedly. Let’s accept this defeat, because playing single player titles makes these people grade 11.

Electronic Arts (EA)

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