Facebook and Instagram announce new ways to make money

The Meta group, responsible for Facebook and Instagram, has developed some strategies to increase the number of active users. The advantages go from simple rewards and cover the main income of the audience. It is necessary to pay attention to the news, because the first to test the new features will have special conditions in paid functions.

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Discover new ways to monetize your Facebook and Instagram account

Facebook Stars Expansion

Facebook Stars is a mechanism in which content producers receive stars from the public, exchanging them for a cash amount. Before, this feature was released to a small group of verified celebrities and now it will be expanded, ensuring the growth of micro-influencers.

Marketplace on Instagram

In addition to being an excellent means of promoting products and services, Instagram now allows exchanges. Those who already work with a store can make some items available and receive payments through the app itself. This leverages the marketing of small entrepreneurs who are starting to run their own business.

Interoperable Subscriber Groups

Create subscriptions to develop content that only a part of the people will have access to, charging for exclusive posts. Those who work with education and consulting can use their own social network as a classroom.

NFT sharing

Non-Fungible Tokens, which are unique icons and protected by blockchain preventing copies, will now be able to be shared on social media, facilitating the trading of these digital products.

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