Glove de Pedreiro moves to a mansion in Pernambuco: ‘Magnificent’

The influencer Luva de Pedreiro received, this Friday (1st), the keys to the new house, on the south coast of Pernambuco, where he will move with his parents, according to Fantástico.

The property is rented by its new managers, among them futsal player Falcão.

“This is not a house, it’s a mansion. We are happy,” said the influencer’s father.

In an interview with the program, the young man from Bahia admitted that he and his father did not read the contract when they signed with former manager Allan de Jesus. That’s why Allan put a security guard to watch him in the city of Quijingue, where he lived, in Bahia.

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understand the case

The management of Luva de Pedreiro’s career has worried fans since the young Bahian did a live on Instagram announcing a break in recording the videos. This made his then manager explain, last Thursday (23), that some advertising contracts have not yet been paid to the influencer.

The live was done on June 19th. In it, the young man was irritated by the charges he was receiving. “These days I don’t post a video. I’m going to stay there for a while… Are you on? Without posting a video. I’m going to cool my head, man! They keep pissing the guy off. . God and my fans, bro. Fuck… the rest is the rest”, he said.

Since then, fans have speculated about Allan’s breaking of contract. The businessman spoke about the situation on Thursday (22) and even said that his contract with Iran Ferreira, known as Luva de Pedreiro, would be valid until 2026. Allan also informed that his company, ASJ Consultoria, had not received any communication about an attempted termination.

According to columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the influencer would have about R$ 7,500 in just two accounts. In order to terminate the contract, which runs until 2026, he has to pay around R$5.2 million, according to the column.

Allan Jesus posted a video on social media saying he is honest and will prove his innocence. “If it is proven that I stole R$ 1 that I pay. I have a name to protect, I have a family and I deliver it to divine and human justice so that everything can be resolved. I will prove the truth of my actions”, he said.

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