Gmail’s New Look Will Be Available to More People

Recently, the Google started testing the Gmail’s new look with some of its users. The objective is to integrate the company’s main platforms, such as Meet, Chat and Space, providing more practicality to those who interact with its services. However, since February the look was optional, but since last Tuesday (28) it has become mandatory for most people.

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Still, the experience shouldn’t change that much, as the interface changes aren’t that big. In fact, some users even had some difficulty in perceiving them. If you are one of these, just look at the upper left corner, where you can now see conversations with other people in a list. That way, without having to change screens, they become much more accessible.

Advantages of the new look

For those who usually use Google’s chat and communication services, now, very conveniently, it is possible to enter several conversations in any section, even creating lists that should appear when we hover over its icon. However, for those who don’t like the idea of ​​having a chat listed below the inbox, it’s possible to choose which apps will be inserted in the quick settings menu.

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There, you can even change back to the old look if you prefer. The developers at Big Tech made it clear that this is not a 15-day release for new features like the others. On the contrary, it is coming to workspace and personal Gmail accounts, which may take more than a few weeks for the interface for all users to change on its own.

If you’re really curious and can’t wait for the update any longer, just open the settings menu and position the chat on the left menu. So, did you like the news? Test the new look now and see what you think.

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