Google opens vacancies for technology courses with 100% scholarships

Technology courses are more accessible, to the delight of those who want a new job opportunity. In addition to the great offer, many companies offer scholarships. It is the case of Google by distributing 500 thousand in technology courses.

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Applications are open until the 13th of July. The first courses released are: IT support, data analysis, project management and UX design. There are 30,000 grants in this first stage. Each course lasts 200 class hours.

Google Technology Courses

The proposal is to train the most desired professionals in the market. The expectation of great demand in the coming years – not to mention the current demand – makes large companies bet on training with an eye on what lies ahead.

According to Google, of the first 30,000 spots available, 2,000 will be exclusively for transgender people. The idea is to encourage these people to enter the technology job market.

Enrollment in Google technology courses is through the Business-School Integration Center (CIEE) website. In addition to being free, the courses are 100% online. And each student can set their own pace of study.

The orientation is that they are dedicated at least 1h30 a day. Thus, the student will be able to complete the course within a maximum period of 6 months. And, of course, already seek opportunities in the job market.

Having a training certificate opens many doors. Especially for those with no experience and who are starting their careers in technology.

According to Google, the courses will be available from the month of August. Classes are through the Cousera teaching platform. Those who don’t get the scholarship still have the chance to pay for the training, with the subscription on the website.

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