Iza tells Maju Coutinho about the emotion of the 1st performance in Angola: ‘Imagine who has woken up crying’ | Fantastic

O Fantastic is in Angola. Maria Júlia Coutinho and producer Gabi Rocha crossed the Atlantic and will show a little bit of Luanda, the Angolan capital, soon on Show of Life. The journalist will accompany the first performance of the singer Iza in the country.

“Imagine who woke up crying today? First time in Africa, first time here and I am very happy. We are very anxious to give our best”, said Iza.

Maju also told Iza the reaction of fans on the streets of Luanda: ‘She [Iza] reconnected me with Brazilian music’.

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On his first day in the Angolan capital, Maju learned a little more about the country’s culture. Journalist Kinna Muanawassa taught the expression “Nha kumenekena mu dijina dia Ngana!” which means “I greet you in the name of the Lord” in the Kimbundu language, one of the 20 languages ​​spoken in Angola.

Find out more details about this trip soon on Show da Vida.

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