Kleber Gladiador prefers Alex Mineiro to Barcos and praises Diego Souza

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Grêmio striker between the 2012 and 2014 seasons, Kleber Gladiador gave a recent interview to the podcast PodPorco and participated in the “On the Pike”, having to choose between two names mentioned by those presented. Between Alex Mineiro, his colleague at Palmeiras and Barcos, colleague at Grêmio, Kleber took the first option.

Alex, the chosen one by Kleber, played for Grêmio before him and was a starter during the 2009 season. He had played for Palmeiras a year earlier. Barcos played for Grêmio between 2013 and 2015.

Afterwards, Gladiador made his remarks between the former Chilean midfielder Valdivia and the current goalscorer do Gremio, Diego Souza.

“Valdivia had more technical quality, but Diego Souza was f… He was crazy. It’s the guy you play on the side and thinks that if there’s a fight, we’ll get everyone here. Valdivia might run (laughs). But Diego Souza was blurry”, commented Gladiador.

Kleber Gladiador “subpoenaed” Zé Luis

In the same podcast, Kleber told an unusual story of the time he went behind the then São Paulo steering wheel Zé Luis. It all started when the midfielder threatened him during a classic between São Paulo and Palmeiras.

“It was a classic and in the middle of the game he said he was going to catch me and break me. I said, ‘Oh yeah? So it’s’. That’s the end of the game, okay? After a while, we came back from a game in Goiânia and I was at home, it was already 1 am. Some friends called me and said that Zé Luís was in a restaurant. I took the car and went there with them. I sat at a table and the guy had his back, he didn’t see me. When I saw that he was going to pay the bill, I went to the door. Then he arrived: ‘Hey Klebão, how are you?’ And I: ‘Hey, beauty, Klebão is the c… wouldn’t you catch me? I’m here’. But it was just that and later, talking to the guy, I saw that he was good people”, he said.

In Brazilian football, Kleber also defended clubs such as São Paulo, Cruzeiro, Coritiba and Vasco da Gama.

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