MacBook Pro with M2 hits 108ºC and exposes ‘severe throttling’

Max Tech’s Vadim Yuryev said this week that he’s managed to push his M2 MacBook Pro to the limit. His Apple notebook reached 108ºC and “severe throttling” levels.

“We found a SEVERE thermal limitation in Apple’s new M2 MacBook Pro, proving that it needs a BETTER cooling system with two fans instead of one”, Yuryev wrote on twitter. “We exported 8K Canon RAW and saw temperatures reach 108°C, more than we’ve ever seen on a Mac, even on an Intel Mac.”


For Yuryev, the problems of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 chip are due to the notebook having only one fan, which runs at 7,200 RPM maximum. This means that “there was nothing the MacBook Pro could do to cool itself apart from throttling the M2 chip.” This throttling caused the PC’s performance to plummet compared to the 2021 M1 Pro and MacBook Pro.

In the test, the M2’s clock speeds dropped by a fraction of a second from 3200MHz to 1894MHz on the performance cores, and from 2228MHz to 1444MHz, while the GPU plummeted from 1393MHz to 289MHz. Yuryev said the dips came in waves, with each throttle dropping the temperature back to 84C almost instantly, before the MacBook Pro increased its clock speed and restarted the process.

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According to Yuryev, the MacBook Pro with M1 does not have these problems because of its more powerful cooling system. While admitting that this is “the most demanding real-world video editing test we have,” the expert concluded that the M2 MacBook Pro needs a better cooling system to prevent this kind of throttling.

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