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Learn how to keep mature skin glowing (Photo: @hungvanngo)

Learn how to keep mature skin glowing (Photo: @hungvanngo)

From Julianne Moore and Thandiwe Newton to Anne Hathaway, Zoë Kravitz and Salma Hayek – British makeup artist Kay Montano has a vast list of celebrities on her agenda. Over the years, the beauty artist, who is also a makeup ambassador for Chanel, learned a few tricks to make women of all ages look beautiful. “It’s about making the skin glow,” says the expert. “I work with adults, who are in their 30s, 40s and 50s, which is when, in my view, they reach their peak.”

If you’re in menopause, or simply need ideas to make your skin radiate health, Montano – who is in his 50s – shared with Vogue your tips for achieving healthy skin that looks (and feels) fresh.

Be prepared to adapt your makeup and skincare routine

“Skin represents the constant changes in your life – you start as a child, become a teenager, an adult woman, get pregnant (sometimes) and then menopause comes. When you’re young, you can do well with powder products, which mattify , but in your thirties, you will start to find that the same product you used in your twenties no longer works. As your skin ages and undergoes changes, you need to modify your skincare and makeup routine.”

Consider replacing hormones (if you can)

“We are premenopausal for a long time,” says Montano. “The lack of estrogen makes the skin suffer a lot from dryness. The hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are vital for skin health, elasticity and the joy of living.”

Combat moisture loss

“When you’re middle-aged, there’s less moisture on the skin. So you have to be more careful with your water intake – when you’re hungover in your twenties, you don’t notice the effects on the skin, but later on, fine lines appear. My advice is, in addition to drinking liquid, use products and makeup with moisturizing action – there are many options these days.”

wear less makeup

“The older you get, the less makeup you need to use, because there are more lines and grooves for the product to settle on – and the result is that cracked look. My absolute rage is with the powder foundation. You look five years older right away. It sucks the life out of your skin, accentuates fine lines and makes your skin look completely and utterly dull.”

invest in massage

“If I had the time and money, I would visit a facial massage therapist twice a week. It would be amazing. But it is possible to adopt some techniques at home, using a tool like gua sha, which is very good for the skin, including helping to fight sagging – a little massage can really help lift the face. When I’m tired, I prefer an electric facial massager. I often use it together with a moisturizer to deflate my face. A lot of the time, bad skin is just puffiness The body has a harder time eliminating toxins as we age, so if you ate too much salt the night before, you’ll wake up more bloated.”

get rid of bloating

“In addition to the massage, I use very cold water on my face to deflate. I also drink a lot of dandelion tea, which is a diuretic and helps with any kind of fluid retention. Drink a lot of it in the morning and you’ll be peeing in your mouth.” lunch time.”

conquer the glow

“I love a vitamin C serum – in addition to really brightening the skin, I’ve found that it simulates a fresher look. The gel versions, which are a little sticky, add a little more shine to the skin, resulting in that natural fresh air If your skin gets really oily before makeup, there’s an old tip I got from Barbara Daly, who is one of the world’s first great makeup artists: the way to know if you have the right amount of moisturizer on your skin is to press a tissue. of thin paper on your face to remove the excess – what’s left is what your skin really needs. Then it will be beautiful to start your makeup.”

Bet on “less is more”

“I tend to make my cheeks as light as possible, because that’s how you create the illusion of freshness. You should only put makeup on where it’s absolutely necessary. Most people have dark circles under their eyes, so I only apply concealer there. area is very thin, if you put on too much product, you will see wrinkles that you have never seen before. I recommend using a concealer with wand applicator, because you can make precise semicircles – one below the inner corner of the eyebrow going towards the inner corner of the eyebrow. eye, and the other below the dark circle, then you press lightly, without rubbing, until the product blends with the skin.

Adopt the T-zone trick

“My work is about optical illusion and creating depth. It’s all about where you put shadow and where you put shine. I’ve found that it works well if I keep the T-zone matte, using a loose powder, and the other areas of the face more luminous. You should use a very, very fine powder, because they mark less.”

Prefer cream products

“Cream blushes are great, especially used with a dotted brush. Apply to cheekbones to create instant freshness.”

curl your eyelashes

“Eyelash curlers are great for brightening eyes. They are almost more important than mascara, because the hairs are usually straight and curving them helps to lift and open the eyes.”

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