Petraglia takes a stand after controversial sentence and quotes Pele and Cazuza

Athletico president Mario Celso Petraglia gained repercussion earlier this week by shooting at different managements of Brazilian teams, including Santos. After saying that Peixe ‘is broken’ and that Hurricane ‘passed the tractor’ on the São Paulo team, he positioned himself, quoted Cazuza and stressed that Pelé ‘doesn’t play anymore’.

“Santos Futebol Clube has one of the most beautiful stories in world football. But Pelé doesn’t play anymore. Petraglia will also one day leave the scene, because the only certain truth is that one day we will no longer be here”, said the president of Athletico. , in an excerpt from the statement entitled ‘Time does not stop’.

Explaining himself after the controversial statements, Petraglia said that people, in general, are stuck in the past. “The attempt to repeat the past leaves many stuck with its museums, statues, heroes, trophy galleries and epic stories told in books and legends. This ‘property’ is passed from leader to leader, who try to reaffirm their traditions without a project, without a plan that adapts to today, forgetting that the day after an achievement, the search starts again”, he pointed out.

in the note, Petraglia quotes the singer Cazuza more than once and admits that he was ‘inspired’ by an opinion piece that used the same resource. He does not name names, but PVC, a commentator for Grupo Globo, wrote on the subject using the excerpt ‘sincere lies interest me’, from the song ‘Maior abandoned’. The Athletico representative used verses from ‘O tempo não para’, a classic by the Brazilian icon.

Finally, Mario Celso Petraglia says he is a guy who runs in the ‘opposite direction’ and who has a commitment to the truth.

“I am a guy tired of running in the opposite direction. But this rebellion is what has always motivated me. Because there is a lot to do, not only for Athletico Paranaense, but for Brazilian football. What I said was interpreted as disrespect, as if I had the power to erase history from people’s heads. But, instead, I believe that it is possible to build a new history every day. And it involves the reconstruction of our ‘pool’, gnawed by years of corruption and disintegration”, stated.

“Out of respect for Brazilian football, and for everything we built in Hurricane and which serves as a model for many clubs in Brazil and in the world, I cannot leave sincerity aside. In this case, I think that, more than an insult, it was a contribution.”

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