Positivo launches Smart Keypad, numeric keypad for smart lock

THE Positive Smart Home launched the smart keypadsmart and wireless keyboard that complements the Smart Lock experience, allowing the user to control the opening of the doors by numerical passwords and Bluetooth connection.

“The new device works fully integrated with Smart Lock (with Bluetooth command) and, like the other products of the brand, combines the practicality of smart devices with simple installation” says Positivo in a note.

To use the Smart Keypad, simply attach it to the outside of the house, using double-sided tape or screws (both present in the packaging), either on the door itself or on the wall at the entrance, download the free Positivo Casa Inteligente application and do the pairing with Smart Lock. From there, just create and manage the passwords that can be used to gain access to the house.

“The Smart Keypad expands the functionality of the Smart Lock, making the home even safer and offering the user more comfort and practicality. Easy to install, it does not require any type of cable, connection to the electrical network or professional installation, and is fully in line with the brand’s objective of democratizing home automation through affordable smart devices”explains José Ricardo Tobias, responsible for Positivo Casa Inteligente. “Among the main features of this release are the generation of one-time, permanent or dynamic passwords, in addition to registering different users and linking to multiple doors from the same device, provided that all of them have Smart Lock installed”.

Available in black with a metallic gray finish, the Smart Keypad is made of aluminum and polycarbonate, comes with a one-year warranty and comes with a quick installation guide, double-sided tape, screws, power supply and battery pack.

price and availability

The Smart Keypad, available on the Positivo Casa Inteligente website by BRL 449.

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