‘Rio Expedition’ travels through Rio de Janeiro that embraces immigrants

Press Release GloboDo an African braid with an Angolan woman, taste the wine made in a Portuguese colony and the cassava planted by the Japanese, take a bath in a waterfall with Venezuelans and take surfing lessons with a Uruguayan teacher. These are some of the unconventional charms of this cosmopolitan metropolis that ‘Expedição Rio’ presents next Saturday, July 2nd. It’s time to get to know Rio de Janeiro, inhabited by immigrants and refugees from Angola, Nigeria, Syria, Venezuela, Portugal, Japan, among other nationalities, who arrived here, willingly or not.

The program begins at Jardim do Valongo, in Pequena África, where millions of enslaved blacks from different parts of Africa landed, which had a strong influence on the formation of the city. At Muhcab – Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture, Alexandre Henderson meets the couple Ajoyemi, Nigerian, and Carolina, Carioca. The place is a reference center, where several events aimed at preserving the memory of the black people take place. “I chose to live in Brazil, here I decided to stay. I saw that the contribution of blacks in the country is very strong and I can contribute more”, explains Ajoyemi.

Itanhangá, which has become a stronghold for Venezuelans, is also revealed by the program. Alexandre visits one of the children’s villages where families are sent, then goes to Morro do Banco, where many move after being able to support themselves. At the invitation of Janeska Alastre, one of the Venezuelans living in the region, the journalist discovers a waterfall in the heart of the community.

In Acari, Daniella meets Mara Black, an Angolan hairdresser, who works in Madureira, doing Afro braids. There, in addition to having her hair done, the reporter knows more about the professional’s history. “I fell in love with the people of Rio, it looks like Angola, it looks like my home”, she says.

At Jardim Primavera, in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense, Daniella participates in the process of treading the grapes for the production of wine. And in Grande Tijuca, Alexandre and Daniella visit the only mosque in Rio de Janeiro, the Masjid El Nur. In Santa Cruz, they get to know the area where Japanese immigrants made their living in 1938. There, they also practice gateball, a sport created in the land of the rising sun to entertain children in the post-war period.

‘Expedição Rio’ airs on Saturday afternoon, right after ‘Jornal Hoje’, and is also available on Globoplay for non-subscribers logged in after the TV broadcast.

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