Ronaldo and Rivaldo did not peck each other in the 2002 World Cup

Yesterday, the Brazilian team celebrated 20 years of its fifth world championship. Two decades ago, in the first World Cup on Asian soil, Ronaldo and Rivaldo led “Amarelinha” and scored 12 of the 18 goals of the campaign in Korea and Japan. The curious thing is that the duo, even though they were on the field and responsible for two thirds of Brazil’s goals, didn’t get along well outside the four lines.

At Live from Pentabroadcast this Friday (1st) by UOL Sport to remember the team’s last world title, journalists Julio Gomes and Danilo Lavieri told stories of the conquest. According to Gomes, who covered the World Cup in loco fur UOLone of the main merits of coach Luiz Felipe Scolari was the management of the group and the egos of its stars, mainly Ronaldo and Rivaldo.

“It was another time, the transition to digital was still happening. The guys saw the images of what was happening in Brazil through Globo’s images, and Felipão decided to show this to the players, he took the images from Globo and made the videos motivational.”

“The only thing that Felipão wanted to guarantee in the edition was that everyone had to show up, he couldn’t video of the crowd celebrating a goal only from Rivaldo, nor celebrating a goal only from Ronaldo, who were the stars of the national team and who, by the way, didn’t peck much. , but they managed to find peace in that month of the World Cup”, said Gomes.

“I had to show everyone, that was the order, you talk to Felipão about the title and he won’t talk about strategy, tactics, anything, he’ll just talk about the formation of the group, in his head that’s where he got it. lead the team to the World Cup title”, explained the journalist.

If they didn’t get along, Ronaldo and Rivaldo had an impeccable World Cup. With the exception of the easy rout over China still in the group stage, all other games in the 7-games-7-win campaign were scored by one of the two. In addition to the spotlight in the most difficult times.

Rivaldo, for example, was the guy in the round of 16 against Belgium, considered one of the most complicated in the conquest. Ronaldo, on the other hand, decided with a pout in the semifinal against Turkey. And, in the 2-0 victory over Germany in the decision, the two goals of “Phenomenon” had the participation of shirt 10. But who was better in the penta?

“It was difficult to assess whether Ronaldo or Rivaldo was the best in the Cup, I even thought Rivaldo had played better in the entire Cup, but Ronaldo was the most important, because he scared rivals a lot, there was a recent memory of before injuries, Ronaldo was the best football player in the world, he was really a phenomenon”, analyzed Gomes.

Main stars of the selection, Ronaldo and Rivaldo decided the 2002 World Cup and brought the penta to Brazil

Image: REUTERS/Oleg Popov

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