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For those who are forgetful about their own things, having the digital ID It can make your day a lot easier. This is because the new way of carrying the identity card provides more practicality to the citizen, making it unnecessary to present the paper document.

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Access to the digital ID is very easy and can be done just by downloading a single application on the mobile device. Then, just validate the document and that’s it. Devices with Android or iOS systems installed are accepted.

How to download the digital ID app

First of all, it is necessary to inform you that the digital ID option is not enabled in all Brazilian states. What happens is that each federative unit is responsible for issuing the Citizens’ Identity Registry and, therefore, different rules are established.

Below is a list of states where the service is already enabled, as well as download links:

After downloading and installing the app on your cell phone, you just need to configure the digital ID, a process that consists of scanning the original document and performing facial recognition.

Digital ID x new digital ID

The digital ID that citizens can download on their cell phones now refers to the current model of the document, which citizens already have printed. Regarding new IDlaunched in 2022, the digital version will be made through another type of process.

Considering that the RG was unified and will have the CPF number, all Brazilians from all states will be able to adhere to the digital version. The deadline for issuing bodies to adapt to this method is until March 2023.

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