Ship breaks in half and sinks in Hong Kong

A ship broke in half and sank in the waters off Hong Kong, China, after being hit today (2) by Tropical Storm Chaba. According to the Hong Kong government, twenty-seven people are missing.

The engineering vessel was 160 nautical miles southwest of Hong Kong at the time of the accident. The ship “was severely damaged and broke in two”.

Help was sent to the site after receiving the notification at around 7:25 am (Friday 8:25 pm EST).

Three of the 30 crew were rescued at 3:00 pm local time and taken to hospital, officials said.

Footage provided by the Hong Kong government shows a person being rescued as waves crash onto the semi-submerged ship’s deck.

According to the three survivors, other crew members may have been swept away by the waves before the first rescue helicopter arrived, according to a statement from the authorities.

Typhoon Chaba formed in the center of the South China Sea and made landfall on Saturday afternoon in the southern province of Guangdong.

The place where the ship was located registered winds of 144 kilometers per hour and waves up to 10 meters high, the authorities specified.

Rescue teams will expand the search area “due to the large number of missing persons” and will extend the operation into the night if weather conditions allow.

02.Jul.22 - A ship is seen sinking after it split in two as Tropical Storm Chaba passed, according to authorities, in waters off Hong Kong, China - HONG KONG GOVERNMENT FLYING SERV/VIA REUTERS - HONG KONG GOVERNMENT FLYING SERV /VIA REUTERS

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