Traditional company from Blumenau announces expansion of the factory store

In preparations to celebrate 140 years of Karsten, the textile company announced the expansion of its factory store. The goal is to better serve customers of the bed, table, bath and decoration brand. The space, attached to the industrial park in Blumenau, is undergoing transformation.

The point of sale, which previously had an area of ​​400 square meters, now has 1000m². They are products and elements made to arouse the sensations of visitors, where some of the novelties are already available to the public.

The proposal is to bring sensory experience to all audiences, providing experiences that rescue their history. In addition to the expansion of space, those who pass through the site will be able to check out some attractions. These elements seek to rescue Germanic traditions, the company’s roots.

The delivery of the first part of the expansion took place last June, with the presence of the company’s directors, managers and workers, in a special event that featured the presentation of a traditional German music band.

It is possible to see the strength of a loom, manually operated, producing Lumina towels with exclusive Unika technology, flagship of the bath line for over 10 years. There is also the colonial architecture on the half-timbered wall, one of the main elements of German culture, elaborated in the oldest models of assembly of wooden pieces. One of the highlights is the reproduction of a water wheel from 1895, which was used to generate energy for the factory at the beginning of its operation. The circle extends over a deck overlooking the company, as well as a café with typical German food.

Especially on the water wheel, which drew its driving force from the waters of the Testo River at the end of the 1890s, to meet the production needs of the Karsten family, it was reproduced by an employee of the company itself with the aim of bringing everyone a part of the industrial history and how this element was part of the evolution and transformation of the brand.

Enlargement objectives

According to Deise Schmitt, Karsten’s Marketing coordinator, the objective is to make the company a new attraction for visitors who want to know the Itajaí Valley immigrants’ route, through the experiences and history of a company with 140 years of tradition, in addition to to generate jobs and move the local community.

“We want to bring more than a product to people, because the idea of ​​expanding this store is to make our customers, workers and partners experience the brand, know where we came from and how we got here. The store now has a soul, it doesn’t just sell products, it provides real feelings and sensations”, concludes Deise.

Karsten’s history began in 1882, with looms brought from Germany, in a small factory in Blumenau, which was called Tecelagem Roeder, Karsten & Hadlich. The strength of the textile company dates back to the 19th century, when a water wheel used the waters of the Rio do Testo to drive the spinning machines and looms.

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