URGENT! Mega-famous presenter dies after battling cancer

Presenter couldn’t stand the battle with cancer and family members confirmed her death

The presenter died Deborah James, mega famous in England and London, she hosted a podcast and was the director of a school, where she continued to work even after the discovery of bowel cancer. The diagnosis was given in 2016 and since then the communicator has been fighting a battle against the disease, after six years, she could not resist and died.

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Deborah James gained worldwide fame with a post on social media, where she wrote a text on Instagram saying goodbye, on May 9: “No one knows how much time I have left, but I am not able to walk, I sleep most days, and the Most of the things I took for granted are distant dreams. I know we seek all possibilities. But even with all the innovative cancer treatments in the world or even if there’s a new magical breakthrough, my body just can’t go on anymore,” Deborah wrote.

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The presenter’s death was disclosed by her family: “Deborah left in peace today, surrounded by her family”, reported a publication on social networks. Since she discovered the disease, the famous has been working on several projects about the cause, including the podcast she ran, aimed at discussing the lives of people with cancer.

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Recently Deborah had also launched the Bowelbabe fund, where she intended to promote personalized medicine in cancer treatment. In less than 24 hours, she managed to raise £1 million, surpassing her initial target of £250,000.

Deborah James (Photo: Playback)

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