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One signature away from officially becoming a Fluminense player, Marrony arrives at the club as one of the spare parts for the attack, which recently lost Luiz Henrique to Betis-ESP and will no longer have Fred in a few days. Former Vasco and Atlético-MG, the player was known for his versatility in the offensive field. After all, can a forward like Marrony help the offensive sector of coach Fernando Diniz’s team?

To understand how Marrony can fit into the tricolor team, the GE portal analyzes the characteristics and history of the player in the teams and brings the opinion of journalists who followed the athlete in the daily life of the Brazilian clubs in which he played.

Left-handed, with 1.84m, Marrony manages to combine strength and speed. In Vasco’s under-20, he was taken from the left wing to play on the opposite side, and the player started to finish and score more goals. It was even in the position that he gained prominence at the base.

After appearing as a promise, in the professional, he became something of a wild card in the attack. He went from second striker to centre-forward, in addition to being used on the wings, his original position.

Vasco’s sector player in 2019, Felipe Schmidt said that Marrony was one of the players with the most minutes in the season. The journalist believes that the striker needs evolution in terms of finishing, but he sees the position occupied by Luiz Henrique as the best option for the striker.

– Left-handed, tall and fast, Marrony manages to fulfill all the functions of the attack, both as a winger and centre-forward, although he needs to improve his finishing. In theory, given the characteristics, it is a good replacement for Luiz Henrique. He still had a good time at Vasco’s base, playing on the right, cutting inside and finishing, and I think this is the position where he can perform better within Fluminense’s scheme – said Felipe.

In total, Marrony made 84 matches and scored 11 goals with Vasco’s shirt. The good performance caught the attention of Atlético-MG, which hired the player in June 2020 for R$ 20 million, with great expectation of appreciation. A sectorist at Atlético-MG at the time, Guilherme Frossard pointed out that Jorge Sampaoli, then Galo’s coach, took advantage of the player’s versatility and used him as a reference in the attack, as he was looking for more mobility in the sector.

– Marrony arrived at Atlético as one of several players indicated (or required) by Jorge Sampaoli, who saw the striker more as a reference in the sector, as he wanted someone to play more mobile there. That’s how Marrony played at Galo in most of the matches – some of them with great performance, especially at the beginning of the passage – Guilherme said.

At the beginning of his career, he was the titular striker of Atlético de Sampaoli. Afterwards, he lost ground with the arrival of other pieces, such as Eduardo Sasha and Eduardo Vargas, two former acquaintances of the coach. He became Keno’s immediate backup, on the left wing.

In Denmark, the player was little used and showed his willingness to return to Brazil after one season. Fluminense offered €300,000 (R$1.6 million) in installments, over the period of the contract, as a final offer, and the Danes agreed to close the deal.

The striker was requested by coach Fernando Diniz, who has even talked to the player by phone. Marrony showed excitement and should arrive in Rio de Janeiro this weekend. Besides him, Alan also arrives at the club to supply the two casualties (Luiz Henrique and Fred) in the tricolor attack.

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