With new entrepreneurs, Luva de Pedreiro has a new home: ‘Heavy’

Now managed by Falcão, futsal legend, Mason’s Glove achieves new career goals. This Friday, ‘Fantástico’ announced that the influencer has already moved to a new address, on the coast of Pernambuco. The full report will air on Sunday.

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Iran Ferreira’s new residence was rented with the help of new entrepreneurs, who work with Falcão. Accompanied by his father and mother, Luva de Pedreiro, who lived in Quinjigue, in the interior of Bahia, received the keys to the new property this Friday.

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– Heavy house. The house is magnificent, I even got lost it was so big (laughs) – commented Luva de Pedreiro. The influencer, who has millions of followers on social media, got it right with the new entrepreneurs last Tuesday.

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Before, Iran Ferreira was managed by Allan Jesus, but in recent weeks, the relationship between the two has been troubled. The influencer even did a live on Instagram saying that he would no longer make videos, but he went back. The next day, he stopped following the former agent.

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