3-way sex causes a fight on a ship. How to avoid jealousy in menage?

An American cruise ship bound for New York needed to be escorted by the Coast Guard back to port after a massive fight broke out over a threesome. According to “Fox News”, it all happened on the same floor of the club and the casino, when a person accused his partner of betrayal during the sexual act. The threesome is a common fantasy, it is important to know how to deal with your feelings before putting it into practice.

Fight on ship was recorded during dawn and lasted more than an hour - Twitter/Video Playback - Twitter/Video Playback

Fight on ship was recorded during dawn and lasted more than an hour

Image: Twitter/Video Playback

“In general, a ménage happens when a couple invites a third person. And that’s when jealousy can happen”, says sexologist Michelle Sampaio, a psychologist specializing in human sexuality at the USP School of Medicine (University of São Paulo). According to the specialist, the couple needs to talk before including a third person in sex and understand what the limits are.

“They have to talk to discuss the characteristics of this third person, everything has to be very aligned. If it’s going to be a man, a woman, age, where to find it? This has to be agreed, if jealousy problems can’t happen, yes”, says psychologist and sexologist Carla Cecarello.

In addition to the couple needing to understand why they want a threesome, the choice of who the invited person will also have to be made together. “I’ve seen couples not making the choice together, it’s a problem”, warns Carla. Even in the club, as was the case with the ship, the vote of the two counts a lot.

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The combo is not expensive. That’s why it’s always good to talk beforehand about what the limits of each one are. But if that doesn’t happen, it’s worth signaling during sex. “You can and should speak up if your partner or partner is paying more attention to the third person and explain that it makes you jealous,” says Michelle. And for her, you can even interrupt sex if the feeling is too uncomfortable.

“I know it’s hard, but sex can stop at any moment and you can try it next time,” says Michelle. Jealousy usually appears when you see your partner exchanging affection and affection with another, perhaps in a way that, for those who see it, it is exaggerated. It’s also worth having a safe word. “That way, you avoid discussing the relationship in the middle of a threesome”, completes the specialist.

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