Ashley, one of the best AI characters

For those individuals who have had the experience of playing a game that has the mission of escorting a character, you know how irritating this path can be. Especially when the company doesn’t bother to develop a decent AI support.

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Due to the recent announcement of the long-awaited remake of resident Evil 4, many people ended up remembering one of the characters that stood out the most. we are talking about Ashley Grahamdaughter of the President of the United States.

She was kidnapped and escorted to a small village in Spain by the mercenary Jack Krauserdue to an order from Los Iluminados.

The mission entrusted to the player, in the skin of Leon S. Kennedy, to carry out the rescue and take the girl to her father in complete safety. During this journey, the player will have to face some evils from the Las Plagas virus, making the mission even more difficult, not to mention that Ashley is next door.

However, in reality, Ashley was one of the most successful AI companions at the time and did not fail at any point, including during combat knowledge.

Although it could seem a little stressful to constantly hear the character’s screams saying “Leon, help!” several times.

But, on the other hand, it gave players a sense of urgency that if they didn’t take any action, a “Game Over” would surely be on the way.

Faced with the success of Ashley’s production, many other companies that used Artificial Intelligence received a beautiful example of how future characters could be, in particular, Silent Hill 2with the character Maria, or Silent Hill 4 with Eileen, which only served as a burden to the players.

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