DC’s “Peacemaker” is considered one of the best series of 2022

Concept, cohesion and acclaim! Last week, the magazine rolling stone released a list of the best series of 2022 released so far. Among the selected titles, the only production of the superhero genre to be present is “Peacemaker“, gives A.D! Created by James Gunn and starring John Cenathe series premiered exclusively on HBO Max in January, to critical acclaim.

Series "Peacemaker" will have more specials
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Marvel’s Disney+ shows soak up a lot of attention, but ‘Peacemaker’ was easily the funniest comic book show of the year“, evaluated the publication.

The complete list of rolling stone still has “atlanta“, “Barry“, “hacks“, “Severance“, among others.

With a second season confirmed, “Peacemaker” has already been submitted in some categories of the Emmy Awards 2022. Could it be that, as happened withwatchmen” in 2020, the movie spinoff series “The Suicide Squad” will snatch the awards trophies this year? Only time will tell!

Viola Davis Set to Star in ‘Peacemaker’ Spinoff Series on HBO Max

already leave a separate Emmy for that woman! The magazine Variety revealed this Tuesday (03) that the actress Viola Davis should star in a series spin off in “Peacemaker“, gives A.Dat HBO Max. In the two films in the franchise “Suicide squad” and in the series of the character lived by John Cenathe American plays Amanda Waller, a stern government agent responsible for, among other things, commanding Task Force X.

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According to Varietythe plot of this new production will have as its starting point the revelations made about Amanda in the final episode of “Peacemaker“.

WARNING, SPOILERS TO FOLLOW! If you haven’t watched the series, beware.!

In the last minutes of episode 8, entitled “Kutando o Pau da Bavaca”, Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) announces at a press conference that she is the daughter of Amanda Waller and that her mother controls the Suicide Squad on covert missions by the US government. The authorities’ greatest asset over the team was precisely their anonymity, which allowed them to act outside the law and international jurisdiction. After such disclosure, the group’s fate hangs in the balance!

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In addition to starring in the spin-off, Viola Davis should also be one of the executive producers, alongside James Gunn and Peter Safran. Christal Henry is slated to write the screenplay. The production is from Warner Bros. Television.

Even without an official title or premiere date, it is interesting to notice that, amid the cancellations of DC series produced by the television network The CW, Warner is willing to invest in more productions that have a connection with its cinematographic universe, expanding it. or on a larger scale.

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