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PrivateInsta is a website that promises to show posts from private Instagram profiles without having to send a request to follow them. According to its own description, the platform is “unique” among other options that offer similar services, such as Instaloker, and can be accessed both from a computer and from Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Although seeing a private Instagram account is a curiosity for many users, it is worth remembering that the only legitimate way to see a locked profile is to submit a request to be a follower. Below, check if PrivateInsta is safe and how it works.

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PrivateInsta promises to show private Instagram profiles — Photo: Getty Images

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How PrivateInsta works

To see the posts of a private profile on PrivateInsta, you must enter the username you want to “spy” on the site’s search bar and click on “View Private Profile”. According to the site, right after this step, the user would be directed to the chosen profile, now visible.

PrivateInsta promises to show content from closed accounts on Instagram — Photo: Reproduction/Guilherme Ramos

But in tests carried out by the TechTudo, the platform requires a security check as soon as the search is performed. To prove that he is human, the user needs to open several links of suspicious advertisements and even download other applications. The process exposes the security of the computer or mobile phone, as unknown links and programs can contain malware.

PrivateInsta says it “does not have any partnership and is not verified by Instagram”, but that the user is not breaking any of the social network’s terms of service when using the tool. In the website’s terms of use, it is also advised that the service “may contain links to third party websites that are not controlled by PrivateInsta”. Thus, the initial promise that it is enough to search the locked profile to make it visible is debunked.

In addition, the platform’s terms of use reinforce that the platform “is not responsible for damages or losses caused by third-party websites or programs”. The document also reinforces that “it does not guarantee that the site will work”. All this, added to the issue of identity verification from accessing suspicious links and downloading unknown applications, puts PrivateInsta’s reliability and security in doubt. Therefore, it is worth noting that the only safe and legitimate way to view a private profile’s photos is to ask the account owner to follow you.

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