Globo will show the film Traveling is accurate

Globo will show on Supercine this Saturday (02) to Sunday (03) the film Traveling is accurate. Released in 2012, the film stars Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Malin Åkerman, Kathryn Hahn, Lauren Ambrose, Alan Alda. Directed by David Wain. The film airs after Altas Horas, at 0:20 am.

The film tells the story of George and Linda Gergenblatt who are an urban couple who buy a micro-loft in New York after much hesitation. George waits for a promotion while Linda tries to sell a documentary to HBO. Shortly after buying his house, George discovers that his company has gone out of business overnight, as HBO rejects Linda’s documentary. With both unemployed, they are forced to sell their apartment and drive to Atlanta to live with George’s arrogant brother Rick and his wife Marisa after Rick offers George a job.

After many hours on the road, Linda demands that they stop to rest. The closest place to stop appears to be a bed and breakfast hotel called the Elysium. As they leave the highway, as they approach, they are surprised to see a naked man walking in front of them. He approaches them. Scared and apprehensive, George tries to get back on the road, but accidentally turns the car over.

The naked man, Wayne Davidson, helps them out of the car, and they are forced to stay at the hotel. They meet several colorful guests and then go to bed. While trying to sleep, they are distracted by noises downstairs. When they go to investigate, they discover that Elysium is a hippie commune. They meet several eccentric residents of Elysium, including Seth, Eva, and Elysium owner Carvin. George and Linda spend the night feeling more alive than before. In the morning, everyone helps lift the car so they can leave, while Seth asks them to stay, but they continue on to Atlanta.

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