Google makes danger alert! New spyware invades Android and iOS phones

Large technology companies, responsible for authorizing the use of resources on Android and iOS, are increasingly vigilant about cyber-attacks. The goal is to alert people to new frauds, making users aware. That way, everyone knows as soon as possible what not to do in the virtual environment.

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Hermit Spyware is available for smartphones and iPhones from all over the world, with an unsuspected appearance. Many have downloaded the app without the slightest idea of ​​the danger of its features. Acting as a spying platform, upon completion of the download, the feature starts tracking all your online activities, compromising the functioning of your device.

Although spyware has affected Europe the most, experts warn about this type of attack

The virus was created in 2019 by RCS Lab at the request of the Italian government, which had political interests. However, it seems that the system has gotten out of control, affecting companies and anonymous people. The intrusion attempts were identified by Google’s Threat Analysis Group, which decided to issue an official note on its portal a week ago.

Spyware acts in a complex way and anyone can be mistaken, as the mechanism invades the internet provider, causing instability. Therefore, the person receives a link by SMS, which is impersonated by the operator. The message talks about ”stabilizing the connection” and just click it to give criminals access to your device.

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