Hugh Jackman gives an emotional review of the King of Rock biopic; watch · Rolling Stone

In Elvis’ review, the actor also praised the work of Catherine Martin, production designer

Hugh Jackman shared an exciting review of Elvisbiopic of Rock king directed by Baz Luhrmannaccording to information from the Screen Rant. In Brazil, the production is scheduled to premiere on July 14, 2022.

It is worth remembering how jackman worked with Luhrmann in Australiadrama film co-starring Nicole Kidman released in November 2008. In other words, the actor is quite familiar with the filmmaker’s artistic style.

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Hugh Jackman expressed this appreciation in a video review he posted last Tuesday, the 28th, on social media. The famous interpreter of Wolverine at the beginning in the 2000s he praised a lot Elvisand gave special mention to Catherine Martina production designer who also worked on Australia.

Watch the actor’s emotional review below:

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Elvis: Austin Butler did karate ‘every day’ to dance like the King of Rock

the preparation of Austin Butler to interpret Elvis in the movie of Baz Luhrmann had several intense trainings, such as staying in the character for two years and even not having contact with family members. In a new interview, the actor revealed to the AP Entertainment who also needed to learn karate to do the King of Rock moves.

“I trained karate every day with my move coach,” he said. “We study Elvis, his every move and people who inspired him. And also general things like swing dancing, tap dancing and things for dexterity and movement. We did a lot.”

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The training also included working on how to speak Elvis, with accent and dialects, from morning voice exercises. “All I did physical training was to keep my body able to move,” she explained.

Butler revealed that, because of the preparation, he had to make frequent appointments with doctors: “I had to do a lot of rehabilitation because I threw my shoulder back once, my knee burst another time, there were all these things that I had to overcome.”

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