Klara Castanho reveals sexual violence in an open letter: “The most difficult report of my life”

klara brown published this Saturday (25) an open letter on Instagram where she says she was raped. The sensitive and impactful text brings the actress’s account of sexual violence, abuse by the medical team and the child she gave up for adoption.

“This is the most difficult account of my life. I thought I would take this pain and this weight with me alone.”wrote the actress. “However, I cannot be silent when I see people conspiring and creating versions of repulsive violence and trauma I suffered. I’ve been raped.”complete.

In May, the journalist Matheus Baldi posted a post saying that Klara had given birth to a child. The publication was deleted at the request of the actress herself. Last Thursday, the 23rd, Antonia Fontenelle generated controversy by revealing the case of a Globo actress who allegedly got pregnant and rejected her son, giving the baby up for adoption.

In live on YouTube, the actress and presenter said that the case had been discovered by Leo Dias. “This is a Globo actress, she is 21 years old. This 21-year-old girl got pregnant, hid her pregnancy, even worked during her pregnancy, gave birth to her child. According to the information he has [Leo Dias]asked the hospital to erase her entry to the hospital and asked that she didn’t even want to see her son”said Fontenelle, without naming the artist.

After several investigations by netizens and arriving at the name of the actress, Castanho became the main subject throughout this Saturday afternoon on Twitter. With the repercussion, Clara published the open letter revealing sexual violence.

“I wasn’t in my city, I wasn’t close to my family or my friends. I was completely alone. No, I didn’t file a police report. I was very ashamed, I felt guilty. I had the illusion that if I pretended that it didn’t happen, maybe I’d forget about it,” said Klara.

Klara also comments that she took all the care after the crime, did tests and had no physical or hormonal changes, but discovered that she was pregnant months later during an exam and that she was already at the end of her pregnancy. In yet another abuse case, Klara reveals that the doctor treated her unprofessionally.

“I told her I was raped, I explained everything that happened. The doctor had no empathy for me. I was not a woman who was pregnant by will and desire, I had suffered violence. And yet this professional forced me to listen to the child’s heart, he said that 50% of the DNA was mine and that I would be forced to love him”said.

Castanho chose to give the child up for adoption and carried out the entire legal process involved in the case. The abuse continued on the day of delivery, shortly after the baby was born, when she was threatened by a nurse about the matter coming up in the media. It is worth remembering that, by law, it is a right of the victim and the baby to have the secrecy of justice.

“I was approached by a nurse who was in the operating room. She asked questions and threatened: ‘Imagine if such a columnist discovers this story.’ (…) When I got to the room, there were already messages from the columnist, with all the information. He just didn’t know about the rape. I was still under the anesthesia. (…) I talked to him, explained everything that had happened to me. He promised not to publish”said.

Read the full open letter:

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