Learn how Alexa can imitate the voice of deceased family members

As strange as it may seem, the amazon recently unveiled a feature that allows its virtual assistant, Alexa, to mimic the voices of people who have passed away. Rohit Prasad, the scientist responsible for the company’s AI, performed the demonstration of this function. It happened at the annual MARS conference and left many people shocked.

If you want to know more about how the new feature in which Alexa can imitate the voices of deceased relatives would work, just continue reading this article.

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Amazon’s New Feature Could Let Alexa Mimic the Voices of Deceased Relatives

Prasad presented the idea for the new feature at a conference that took many people by surprise. In the voice of his late grandmother, the video shows a boy asking Alexa to read a text from classic literature, the Wizard of Oz. In doing so, the AI ​​quickly obeyed and responded to the command naturally.

The item is only displayed for a brief period of time, but it piques viewers’ curiosity and provokes a host of other emotions. As such, Rohit Prasad emphasizes how crucial it is for Alexa and other artificial intelligences to have human characteristics, especially during pandemics when many people have lost someone they love.

How does the new feature work?

According to the presentation, AI systems can learn to imitate a person’s voice with just one minute of recorded audio. Or in other words, it wouldn’t be difficult for someone to use a voicemail in a variety of ways, regardless of whether someone has passed away or not.

However, Amazon has yet to confirm whether this feature would be made available to users in the future. It could be something intended for testing or for use with other Alexa tools, for example.

Therefore, in this situation, the ideal is not to miss any equipment updates and stay on top of official announcements and company conferences. After all, this new tool can be quite interesting for some users.

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