Meet eight types of dogs whose breeds are prohibited

Before starting to introduce the prohibited breeds of dogs in many parts of the world, it is important to reinforce a basic concept. None of these animals are a “walking hazard”, as long as they are well trained and properly cared for.

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However, if any of these races are raised under mistreatment and degrading situations, they can become true beasts.

Breeds banned in many countries of the world

1 – Chow Chow

Despite the cute appearance and silent way, the Chow Chow is quite territorial. Especially if they feel insecure, these dogs can attack ferociously. More than that, the Chow Chow is a very intelligent dog.

2 – Prey Canary

Banned in several countries, the Presa Canário or Dogo Canário is a dog of Spanish origin. It was widely used as a guard dog and is extremely territorial. He doesn’t get along well with other animals.

3 – Alaskan Malamute

The ferocity of the Alaskan Malamutes is due to their close proximity to wolves. These dogs preserve much of the wild instinct in their blood. Originally, this breed was used for hunting wild animals and needs to be bred in cold weather.

4 – Rottweiler

Although it is a very common breed, the Rottweiler is the keeper of the most powerful bite among all dogs. This is an extremely intelligent and obedient breed, but it needs care. The Rottweiler is used by almost all police in the world.

5 – Pitbull

Despite the great reputation of being bad, pitbulls are the most docile animals on this list. They are banned in many countries, because if they are trained to be brave, they will be very effective at it. Pit bulls are extremely strong dogs with a very high pain tolerance. It is not for nothing that, unfortunately, these animals are used in fights and fight to the death. However, a pit bull cared for with attention and affection will become the “silliest” dog you could ever meet.

6 – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

From the name, you can tell that we are talking about a forbidden breed very close to the pitbull. This breed cannot be bred in Puerto Rico, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Qatar and Norway.

7 – Brazilian queue

A huge dog, with the face of a mutt, very strong and quite aggressive is the Brazilian Fila. It is a prohibited breed in England, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand and Israel.

8 – Tosa Inu

An excellent guard dog, but very suspicious. This is the translation of the famous Tosa Inu, created in Japan and which can reach really large sizes.

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