Optical illusion that will scare even those who watch horror movies for fun

You’ve probably seen those images, gifs or videos that ask you to keep your gaze on a fixed point. That optical illusion is another example of this type of image. The idea is to encourage brain to process two images at once, the first during gaze fixation and the other after relaxing the vision. Were you curious?

So test your mind right now with this optical illusion that will scare you. Watch out for the scare!

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Get ready for the optical illusion

Optical illusion that will scare you

Before making the optical illusion, it is necessary that you prepare your vision. Then, follow the steps below:

  • Relax your vision for a few seconds with your eyes closed;
  • Then look at the indicated point in the image and focus on it for a few more moments;
  • Finally, look quickly and unblinkingly at a smooth white wall and blink a few times;
  • Ready! Now your brain will be able to make the association between the two images you watched for a few seconds.

This optical illusion is not bad for the health of the eyes, but it should be done with caution. Only repeat this process after relaxing your eyes for some time away from your cell phone or computer screen.

How does this optical illusion work?

In a little more specific language, the optical illusion is the responsibility of the action of the rods. These are structures present in the eyes that have the function of capturing light rays and sending information about them to the brain. Generally, they “understand” light rays as light that falls on an object and reflects in the eyes in the form of an image.

However, faced with an optical illusion, the rods end up capturing information about light rays that are not actually there. So, when the brain receives the image captured by the eyes, it can understand it in different ways, which ends up creating interesting images, like the one you observed.

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