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Freeing up space on iPhone is possible through a simple trick, which consists of erasing application data stored in iCloud. The procedure can be done in the “Settings” of the smartphone, and is especially useful for those who are low on memory in the cloud service – since, for free, only 5 GB is made available by Apple. The action can be applied to apps that are rarely used or that take up a lot of storage space, for example. Here’s how to delete app data on iCloud to free up space on iPhone.

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You can free up space on iCloud by deleting data from apps you don’t use; see how — Photo: Marcela Franco/TechTudo

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How to Delete App Data on iCloud

Step 1. Open iPhone Settings and then tap your Apple ID. Then go to “iCloud”;

iPhone settings screen — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Step 2. To continue, click on “Manage Storage” and choose the app you want to delete data by tapping on it;

Action to access the “Manage Storage” tab — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Step 3. Now tap on “Erase Data…”. To complete the action, go to “Delete”.

Action to delete data from apps stored in iCloud — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Ready! Now that you know how to delete app data from iCloud storage, take advantage of the tip to free up space from the cloud service.

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