Taliban calls for government recognition of its administration

Group organized meeting with religious leaders; participants call for release of sanctions and unfreezing of funds

The Taliban group asked this Saturday (July 2, 2022) for formal recognition of its administration to foreign governments. The request came after the group held a meeting with thousands of male religious leaders. The information was given by Reuters.

In a statement, participants at the meeting asked regional and international countries, especially Islamic countries, to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. “Release all sanctions, unfreeze (central bank) funds and support the development of Afghanistan”says the document.

More than half of the nearly 39 million inhabitants of the Asian country are victims of food insecurity. Another 9 million people are at high risk of starvation. Afghans are currently experiencing an escalation prices, unemployment and the imminent collapse of the banking system.

International economic sanctions have been imposed since the Taliban conquered Kabul in August 2021.

The US and other countries have not recognized the group as a legitimate government. In addition to establishing sanctions, they blocked access to more than $9 billion in Afghan government reserves abroad.

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