Tom Cruise turns 60, but since he’s a man, no one thinks he’s aged – 02/07/2022

Tom Cruise, the heartthrob of the 80s, turns 60 this Sunday (3). A respectable lord? Mature father of three? An artist who has sustained his own success for four decades in a mix of art and action films? Yes for all. But in this combination of the actor’s attributes, an unlikely feature stands out: his sex symbol label hasn’t been scratched over the decades. Imagine if this hot guy was a beautiful young woman at the end of the last century: what would her image look like now?

Genetics play a big part, blessing Cruise with a body very similar to the one he had in his youth. Collagen may have received a medical boost, but it’s there too. Cruise stars in this 2022 remake of the classic Top Gun, which propelled him to worldwide success in 1986. The character he plays is himself, as if 36 years didn’t make any difference.

In Brazilian soap operas

In 1986, three soap operas were a huge success in Brazil. The first was Roque Santeiro, starring Regina Duarte. One of the girls in the story was Lídia Brondi, who played the daughter of Sinhozinho Malta. Today at 61, she lives out of the media spotlight, in a marriage that spans the history of Brazilian television with Cassio Gabus Mendes. Claudia Raia was also in the cast of “Roque”. Today at 55, she could still play any dancer she wanted, but she wouldn’t be considered for the same role, despite being 5 years younger than Cruise.

In Roda de Fogo, the protagonist of Bruna Lombardi would be 69 years old today, like the actress. Despite the fact that she has a body and face that Tom Cruise himself would envy, she is not opening the shirt of any heartthrob and kissing his chest, as she did in the scene with Tarcísio Meira in the soap opera. The same goes for Fernanda Torres, 57, and Christiane Torloni, 65, who were in the cast of Selva de Pedra: it is impossible to imagine them in the role of themselves 40 years ago, for the simple fact of being women.

The tabloids say that Cruise is now dating actress Hayley Atwell, 20 years his junior. The relationship has some ups and downs. He has had some long marriages with famous actresses like Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Katie Holmes. Stars in 2023 the seventh film in the Mission Impossible series. He balances the religious polemics of his life with good blockbusters.

He’s talented, he’s handsome. Just like Torloni, Lombardi and Raia. But he has one more luck: he was born a man.

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