UFSCar professor was ‘guinea pig’ in water test, says CEO of PWTech

Fernando Silva recalled a perrengue from the time when his product was still in the testing phase of transforming dirty water into drinking water. In one of these events, the ‘guinea pig’ was a professor at the University of São Carlos. They collected water from a lake near the university (‘worse than the Tietê river sewage’, according to him) and made the machine work. Besides cheering, of course. ‘I joke that water was not recommended by the FDA [autoridade de saúde dos EUA]but for the teacher, who drank and stayed alive”, he recalls.

a master pitch

Fernando Silva says that it is necessary to put authenticity in the presentation of the business. “You need to believe in what you are selling”, says the executive.

He also recommends practice a lot the speech that will be delivered and never give up on the idea. Fernando says that it is necessary to understand well the area in which you are going to work because good opportunities may appear. “I never imagined the size of the humanitarian aid market. Sometimes it’s easier for you to displace someone from one market than it is to make a new one,” he reveals.

Children’s and sports happy hour

Even with a busy routine, of contacting governments and international entities, Fernando Silva, from PWTech, manages to take some time to relax.

In food, he does not dispense with a pot roast accompanied by Fanta (it could even be the controversial Grape version).

His favorite place is the stands at Vila Belmiro and, of course, he is passionate about the sport. “NFL, NBA, Division 1 and Division 2 football. I was going to make my life for sport in the world”, he says.

35 million without drinking water

In this challenging scenario, especially in Brazil, where 35 million people do not have access to safe drinking water, PWTech has an interesting proposal. Created with the aim of transforming contaminated water into drinking water, the company has partnerships with the Federal University of São Carlos and carries out work for governments and humanitarian entities, such as the UN.

“The PW 5660 works with electricity, solar, wind, generator etc. It can even work from car and motorcycle batteries. This ability to work with various types of energy is very interesting. It can distribute up to 6,000 liters of drinking water per day. More than 200 people can benefit from this equipment”, said Fernando Silva.

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