Vasco and Sport play ‘sticky’ game and stay in the tie at Maracanã

In a crowded Maracanã, Vasco tried, but failed to impose himself against Sport. In a balanced game, the team ended up in a goalless draw in the duel that marked the debut of coach Lisca in charge of Leão.

With the result, the Cruzeiro team – which lost its unbeaten record in the last round – reaches 31 points and remains in second place, behind Cruzeiro, which has 37 and one game less. Pernambucanos now have 22 and are still in the fight to get closer to the G4.

In the next round, the team from Colina visits Criciúma, while Sport receives Londrina. Both games on Saturday.

The game took place at Maracanã after a backstage controversy and a legal imbroglio. The situation even led to protests and provocations from fans.

Who did well: Andrey

The Vasco midfielder was one of the highlights of the match, managing to help in the marking and also in the articulation of the midfield.

Who was bad: William Oliveira

The Sport steering wheel had a more discreet performance and failed to make the difference that was expected in the sector.

Vasco’s performance

Without Anderson Conceição, Gabriel Dias and Nenê, Vasco took to the field with news, such as defender Boza and midfielder Palacios. Right-back Léo Matos, who hadn’t played since Carioca’s semifinal, was chosen for the wing. Maurício Souza’s team started with an intense marking and presence in the attacking field, but without being able to create very clear chances of goal. Cruz-Maltino even showed difficulty in some decision-making in the so-called “last third” and in the finalizations.

In the second half, the team tried to practice the same rhythm as in the beginning of the game, but the impetus was short-lived. While trying to go ahead, Vasco gave space to the opponent.

Sport performance

Sport started the game a little cornered and with difficulties in the exit of the ball, in front of the opposing marking. Gradually, he managed to unburden the defensive sector and gain ground, but he was unable to build many opportunities.

In the final stage, Sport tightened the marking a little more and had a good presence in the midfield. When he had possession of the ball, he looked for more lateral passes, without much aggression to get to the attack.


The game started with Vasco advancing the marking line and managing to disarm Sport’s ball outs. The team managed to find some spaces and create opportunities. Gradually, the Pernambuco team managed to unburden the defensive system a little and have a little more presence in the middle and attack.

slowed down

After the hectic start, the game slowed down and became more “tight”, with both teams reinforcing the marking in the midfield and creating difficulties for the opponent to evolve.

On the beam

The confrontation became more accelerated in the final stretch of the first half. Vasco went around Leão’s area and even stamped the post, in a header by Danilo Boza after a corner kick.


Vasco returned to the break trying to print the same rhythm as in the beginning of the game, and scared Léo Matos with a header, which made Maílson stretch to make a good save. Afterwards, Vasco’s fans cheered up when Figueiredo took a risk from the middle and Sport’s goalkeeper almost caught the angle. The move also changed Maurício Souza’s team, who accelerated and scared soon after, with Pec.

boos and curses

At the final whistle, the crowd booed the team and protested against coach Maurício Souza, who recently arrived at the club and with some resistance on the part of the Vasco residents.

Controversy before the game

The match was held at Maracanã after a legal imbroglio. Vasco’s initial request was denied by the stadium’s management, made by Flamengo and Fluminense. After a request for reconsideration and another denial, Cruz-Maltino went to court and obtained a favorable injunction. Rubro-Negro contested the decision, also criticized published by Mario Bittencourt, president of Flu, but there was no change and Vasco played at Maracanã.

Earlier, Vasco issued an official note in which it points out the stadium as a “public asset” and suggests an understanding between the clubs for the administration of the place.

Some fans carried banners protesting the situation and also provocative ones, with words such as “síndico does not own”.

Reunion with Lisca

The game marked Vasco’s reunion with Lisca. The coach, recently announced by Sport, commanded the Cruz-Maltino team in 12 matches last year – between Série B and Copa do Brasil. The work on Colina was his last job before he landed on Ilha do Retiro.


Competition: Campeonato Brasileiro Série B
Place: Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Time: 16:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Luis Flavio de Oliveira (Fifa/SP)
auxiliaries: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (Fifa/SP) and Daniel Paulo Ziolli (SP)
VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (Fifa/SP)
yellow cards: Gabriel Pec, Andrey, Edimar (VAS); Giovanni, Vanegas (SPO)
red cards:-

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues, Léo Matos, Quintero, Danilo Boza (Zé Victor) and Edimar; Yuri Lara (Juninho), Andrey Santos and Palacios (Bruno Nazário); Gabriel Pec (Riquelme), Figueiredo and Raniel (Getúlio). Technician: Maurício Sousa.

SPORT: Mailson; Ewerthon, Thyere, Sabino and Sander; Fabinho, William Oliveira (Bruno Matias), Blas (Thiago Lopes) and Giovanni (Alan), Luciano Juba (Vanegas) and Kayke (Parranquez). Technician: Lisca

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