WhatsApp will allow users to hide their “Online” status

Meta finally listened to the users’ request! WhatsApp will now allow users to hide their “online” status from the platform, making life easier for those who want to remain more discreet.

Previously, WhatsApp allowed users to hide the last seen, but it never let it hide the moment people had the app open. That’s why the tool ended up becoming a “snatch” when you wanted to avoid a conversation.


The information comes from WABetaInfo, a portal specializing in news from the Meta messenger, which reported that the function of hiding the “online” will be directly linked to the “Last seen”.

New function to hide WhatsApp online status
Image: Playback/WABetaInfo

The information will be divided into two parts. In the “Last seen” option, you can choose between the already known options: “Everyone”, “Contacts”, “Contacts except…” and “Nobody”.

While for “online” WhatsApp users will only be able to choose between two options: “All” or “Same as Last Seen”, that is, it will be possible to hide the status of everyone or even some specific people.

The feature is in beta, so tests are still being carried out and it is not possible to know when the change will definitely arrive on WhatsApp.

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