With Hulk’s penalty goal and scare at the end, Atlético-MG defeats Juventude for the Brasileirão

O Atlético-MG defeated Juventude 2-1 this Saturday, at the Alfredo Jaconi Stadium, in a match valid for the 15th round of the Brazilian. With a good performance by Hulk and a scare at the end, the Minas Gerais team secured the three points and will be able to sleep in the vice-leadership of the competition, since the Corinthians was thrashed by Fluminense at Maracanã.

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The first half of the match started warm. Galo exchanged a lot of passes with the ball pass, but had difficulty breaking through the Youth block, which in turn did not pose any danger to the Minas Gerais team.

In the 27th minute of the first stage, Igor Rabello made a great launch from the defense area to Ademir, who won at Willian Oliveira’s speed. To kill the move, the left side of Juventude committed a penalty and received a yellow card.

After losing against Emelec in the middle of the week, Hulk said he would continue to beat the penalties at Atlético-MG. And that’s what happened in the game against Juventude. The Atletico striker hit hard in the right corner, with no chance for goalkeeper César.

The rest of the first half was controlled by Atlético-MG. The Minas team abdicated possession of the ball and cooled the game. Even with possession, Juventude offered little danger to Atlético-MG.

Galo returned with control of the second half. With the entry of Otávio in place of Ademir, the team reinforced the marking in the middle of the field and gave few chances to Juventude

Galo’s second goal was born of a beautiful counterattack pulled by Hulk, who applied a half fight on Thalisson and crossed for Vargas, who only supported for Sasha to score with the open goal.

Despite controlling most of the game, Atlético-MG took risks in the second half of the complementary stage. The goal of the gaucho team came from a kick from outside the area of ​​Moraes. Réver tried to take the ball away and ended up deflecting it, killing goalkeeper Éverson.

After the goal, Juventude tried to impose pressure on Atlético-MG, which managed to hold the result and secure the three points. With the victory, the Rooster reaches 27 points and can sleep in the vice-leadership of the Brasileirão.

Atlético-MG will face Emelec again on Tuesday, at 19:15. in play that will decide the spot for the quarter-finals of the Copa Libertadores. On Sunday, Alvinegro takes on São Paulo in Belo Horizonte.


Date: July 2, 2022
Time: 16:30 (from Brasilia)
Place: Alfredo Jaconi Stadium (Caxias do Sul – RS)
Referee: Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (SP)
assistants: Alex Ang Ribeiro (SP) and Evandro de Melo Lima (SP)
VAR: Fabricio Porfirio de Moura (SP)
yellow cards: Willian Matheus (JUV), Yuri Lima (JUV), Mariano (CAM)
goals: Hulk, at 28’/1st (0-1) | Sasha, at 10’/Q2 (0-2) | Moraes, at 30’/2nd (1-2)

YOUTH (Coach: Umberto Louzer)
Caesar; Rodrigo Soares, Thalisson, Rafael Forster and William Matheus (Moraes, at halftime); Yuri Lima, Jadson and Óscar Ruiz (Edinho, at 12’/2nd); Chico (Pitta, at 12’/2ºT), Capixaba (Paulo Henrique, at 23’/2ºT) and Ricardo Bueno

ATLÉTICO-MG (Coach: Turco Mohamed)
Everson; Guga, Réver, Igor Rabello and Guilherme Arana; Allan, Calebe (Nacho Fernández, at 16’/2ºT) and Vargas (Rubens, at 16’/2ºT); Sasha (Mariano, at 32’/2ºT), Ademir (Otávio, at halftime) and Hulk

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