Woman buys old skates and discovers she owned them 40 years ago | Look how nice it is

Renée Forrestall decided at the age of 60 to return to skating after years without practicing. When buying a pair of vintage skates online, after being disappointed with more modern models, she was surprised to find that she had owned them four decades earlier.

In a video with almost 2 million views on TikTok, the woman, who lives in Canada, told how she met with part of her past.

“I decided to try skating again for the first time in 40 years. I bought a pair and wore them for a week. I was disappointed they weren’t as well made as they used to be. So I decided to look for an old pair,” she wrote.

Forrestall then found an ad posted online two hours earlier. The owner didn’t know the size, but they were very similar to the ones she had as a teenager.

“I tried them on and they were a perfect fit. When I looked inside, there was my name written in my handwriting. I cried.”

The man who sold Forrestall the skates, James Bond (his name, according to the American show “Today”), said he kept the pair as part of his mother’s possessions.

In a box, he also found a book from a library where Forrestall worked at the time he first sold the skates. According to her, she worked at the site while attending an arts college, which hosted a student fair where the pair were sold.

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