Chinese JiuShark bets on a tower cooler that reduces the temperatures of M.2 SSDs by up to 50%

The cooling solution uses the same principles seen in CPU coolers

Chinese manufacturer JiuShark last week launched a new cooling solution for M2 SSDs that might as well have been made for conventional CPUs. O JuiShark M.2 Three is very reminiscent of a conventional tower-shaped coolersomething the company promises to be able to reduce by up to 50% the temperatures of storage solutions.

The logic of the Chinese manufacturer is simple: the faster the components available on the market become, the greater the need to keep them cool. So, the Three model emerges as a way to maintain good performance and data integrity that are being stored by consumers.

The cooler has 82mm high, 35.5mm thick (including the optional fan) and 74.5 mm long. The manufacturer offers a Optional 60mm 6610 fan which can be installed on either side of the heatsink, adapting to different models of motherboards and cases — the JuiShark M.2 Three runs at up to 3,000 RPM, generating noise up to 25.4 dBa.

Model is now available in China

Other features of the JuiShark M.2 Three include a aluminum block with 27 ends with pre-applied thermal paste that fits into the M.2 slot and a nickel-plated copper heatsink. Attachment to the SSD is done with a stainless steel mechanism, and the complex package weighs only 113 grams when installed on a machine.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the product is already available on Chinese marketplaces such as TaoBaoper prices equivalent to US$ 13.30. Buyers can opt for models with a black finish or featuring the aluminum used by the manufacturer in the cooler’s components.

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this is not the only one unusual option of coolers for M.2 SSDs that appears in recent months: in December 2021, ElecGear presented its turbine-shaped M1 model, which promises reductions of 12°C to 25°C in component temperature. Raid Sonic bets on the model Icy Box IB-M2HSF-705which brings a robust format that promises temperature reductions of 40% depending on the storage solution used.


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Source: Tom’s Hardware

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