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Banco Neon is yet another fintech, ideal for those looking for practicality and less bureaucracy. Founded in 2016, it was created in partnership with Banco Pottencial, in order to offer a complete digital account. In addition, Neon has been expanding more and more, along with Nubank and C6 Bank.

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Its operation is equivalent to that of other digital banks, with the need to carry out all actions via the application or through the website itself, thus making the customer practical without needing managers or going to a bank branch. It is worth mentioning that one of the most striking attractions is the absence of annuity and exemption from some fees.

Neon bank is a great option for those looking to invest money, mainly because it has Bank Deposit Certificates (CDB), offered by Banco Votorantim. In addition, investments can start from R$10, assuring the client for the amount invested.

It is important to remember that the bank is also suitable for those who have difficulty in approving credit or cannot prove their income.

How to open a Neon account?

If you want to open an account, just download the application and register, filling in the necessary information such as name and CPF. You also need to make an opening deposit for your account to be activated, no proof of income is required. Pay attention when completing the registration, as the approval of the account is not automatic, it is necessary to wait for it and make the first deposit in front of the bank slip.

Finally, Banco Neon offers several possibilities to the customer, such as a credit card generating points to be used in discounts in the future, a virtual card that allows you to pay for purchases on websites or applications and a fee-free debit card that can be used for purchases abroad. or 24-hour ATM withdrawals.

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