Find out why you shouldn’t sit on your bed in street clothes

Attention to detail in everyday life makes all the difference and can influence even our health issues. A common but dangerous habit is to throw yourself on the bed without taking off the clothes you were wearing on the street. This can pose risks to your health in many ways.

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What are the risks of jumping into bed without changing clothes?

The best thing you can do to relax is to get home, take off your dirty clothes, take a nice shower and then lie in bed or throw yourself on the couch. That’s because your clothes arrive loaded with bacteria, microorganisms and other dirt. All of this can put your own health at risk.

During the current pandemic, the difference that basic hygiene care can make to people’s well-being has never been so evident. Changing clothes, washing your hands well and keeping the house sanitized are important factors that can keep diseases away from the body.

Studies show absurd amounts of bacteria

New York University research revealed that bacteria on clothing can survive for weeks or months. If you throw yourself on your bed with dirty clothes, bacteria can stay in your sleeping place for all that time.

The ideal is to always put the clothes to wash, then shower and put on clean clothes. This is the most suitable ritual to ensure a good cleaning of the room and the internal environments of the house. In fact, remember to change the bedding frequently, in addition to keeping the cleaning of the rooms up to date.

Small constant attitudes are essential for the prevention of various infectious conditions, such as flu, viruses, colds and others. Think twice before going to bed without changing your clothes.

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