From Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Aniston, discover the famous trick to tone the skin of the face

This practice is the great novelty of the famous to strengthen and tone the skin of the face. Well, it’s no wonder that they are always impeccable and looking young!

Despite being a practice for a few years, facial yoga has been gaining prominence among Hollywood actresses. To learn how to do it, there are several online applications, such as the Annelise Hagen, or the apps face yoga and FaceJoy.

The benefits of facial yoga are diverse, the big difference being reenergized and lifted skin, since with aging, muscles lose volume, strength and elasticity, in addition to collagen production decreases and the skin becomes more flaccid.

Incorporating facial yoga into your daily beauty routine will help you achieve firmer, healthier skin.

How to make:

  • Smile pulling the corners of your mouth out, without crinkling your eyes, imagining that you are saying the letter E, leaving your face still for 10 seconds. then release
  • Place your index finger on the corrugator muscle between your eyebrows, lift them up and down 10 times as much as you can to deepen the workout and stretch. keep your finger steady
  • Make a fist and rest your chin on top of it, keeping the upward pressure of the fist on your face. Open your mouth against the pressure and close it again, repeating for 10 times
  • Place your right hand on the right side of your face, using it lightly to pull your cheek skin back. Exhale forcefully to the left for 10 times, and repeat the same exercise on the other side with your left hand.
  • Focus on a point in the distance and squint as if you can’t see. Hold for three seconds, open your eyes wide and repeat the same process 3 more times.

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