Globo criticizes injunction vetoing interview

During the end of today’s “Fantástico”, TV Globo spoke about an injunction vetoing excerpts from the interview produced with influencer Iran Ferreira, the Luva de Pedreiro.

“On Friday, TV Globo was notified of an injunction granted to Allan Silva Jesus. In the decision, the judge prevents the disclosure of confidential information on the contract between the two and prohibits any demonstrations that promote hate speech against the former businessman. TV Globo does not condone hate speech and threats are unacceptable in any situation”, began presenter Poliana Abritta.

“Disagreements on contractual issues must be decided by the judiciary. Journalism investigates all sides of the news with impartiality and produces knowledge about the facts. It is society’s right to have access to all relevant events”, he continued.

TV Globo understands that the injunction violates freedom of the press and expression, pillars of democracy and protected by the Constitution. Therefore, you will appeal the decision. In compliance with the court decision, the report that we are going to show now will not have the information vetoed by the injunction. Poliana Abritta

The article shown by the program told the beginning of the successful trajectory of Luva de Pedreiro and about the conflicts between him and Allan de Jesus. The businessman was mentioned and there was an excerpt from his report for “Esporte Espetacular” shown.

According to the report, there is a high fine for Iran to break the agreement with his former manager. He also claims that he signed the contract without the supervision of a lawyer.

Iran also spoke about the financial problems he has been facing.

“All the money I asked for, I borrowed. owing seventy tales. A guy there I bought a ball, you know? I didn’t, I owe it. I still have to pay the guy,” she said.

The influencer also commented on other issues he was facing.

“I couldn’t do anything I wanted, I couldn’t go out with my friends, I couldn’t record my stuff, I couldn’t post the music I like,” he said.

Earlier, Luva de Pedreiro told on his social networks that an injunction had vetoed parts of the interview given to “Fantástico” and also to “Domingo Espetacular”.

Last Tuesday, Luva de Pedreiro announced that Falcão, one of the greatest players in futsal history, started to manage his career.

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