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In the last week of June, Instagram users were scared by an alleged update that would be implemented on the platform. In it, it would be possible to see who visited your profile. Just like what happens on LinkedIn, for example, or what happened on the late Orkut. But this is a lie.

The rumor began circulating on Twitter on Wednesday, June 29. The biggest fear of all was that their privacy would be violated. The hypothesis that this update actually exists became stronger after circulating a screenshot of a user, who would be included in the testing phase of the new tool.

In the image, the notification is shown stating that “@ and 73 more people have visited your profile”

For the more detailed, however, it is possible to notice that the source used to inform the supposed views is different from the one used by the application to say who liked publications, for example, demonstrating that it is a montage.

The lie began to circulate at the same time that Instagram promoted an update to fix bugs and improve performance. Which made the subject even more widespread on the networks.

MonitoR7 and the Technology and Science section of the R7 asked the platform to comment on the matter. In a statement, Instagram’s press office says: “We inform you that the rumors of Instagram showing people who visited the profile in the ‘Activity’ tab are not true”.

Even so, the fake news worried users who, always with humor, shared their opinions on Twitter.

*Interns of R7under the supervision of Pablo Marques

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