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Political instability in Brazil, inflation and public security problems made many leave the country in search of places with a better quality of life. Many people dream of a life in Portugal due to its historical and language proximity, but Ireland is a nation that has received more and more Brazilians in recent years.

Between 2011 and 2020, the number of Brazilians in Irish territory more than doubled, according to Eurostats — European Union Statistical Service. According to the institute, that number rose from 9,940 people with Brazilian citizenship legally in Irish lands to 22,481 in nine years.

The European Union registered 27,192 Brazilians in Ireland in 2019, the last survey before the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19which may have affected both the arrival of more people in the country and their permanence.

Itamaraty data

Data from the Brazilian Embassy in Dublin released by Itamaraty reveal that about 50,000 Brazilians lived in Ireland in 2020, a difference of more than 27,000 people in relation to Eurostats figures.

The Irish newspaper The Irish Times, in turn, reported that 645,500 foreigners were living in Ireland in 2021, against 535,475 in the 2016 census — the latest statistical study regarding the country’s population.

Compared to the Itamaraty’s 2020 estimate, about one in ten foreign immigrants to Ireland came from Brazil, which shows the strength of the Brazilian community in the European country.

Brazilian in Dublin

The geologist Rodrigo Ré was one of those Brazilians who spent time in Ireland. In addition to improving his knowledge of the English language during the exchange, the young man from Rio de Janeiro was employed in a restaurant. It was precisely this facility to study and have a legal job that attracted him to the country.

“I chose Ireland because it was easier to get a visa and because of the low cost compared to other nations that also allow me to combine study and work exchanges”, says Ré to the R7.

The 2016 census revealed that the Brazilian community was one of the largest. At the time, Brazil was second only to Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland and, of course, the United Kingdom, a country neighboring the island.

A large part of this mass of immigrants lives in Dublin. At least one in six inhabitants of the Irish capital is a foreigner, and half of these people are Polish, British, Romanian, Indian, Chinese or Brazilian nationals.

Brazilians in the world

Itamaraty believes that 4.2 million Brazilians are spread across the world. The most traditional destinations are the United States, Portugal, Paraguay, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain.

All these countries have some historical connection with Brazil, such as disputes in the colonial era, political and economic relationship or even the migration of hundreds of thousands of people in the early 20th century, patterns in which Ireland does not fit.

Lower cost of living, work and study opportunities and ease of obtaining a visa make the island the new home for Brazilians who want to live or spend a season in Europe.

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