Israel says it will examine bullet that killed Al-Jazeera journalist

Israeli experts will examine the bullet that killed American-Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in May to determine the circumstances of her death, the Israeli army announced Sunday.

On Saturday, Palestinian prosecutor Akram Al-Khatib said the bullet had been handed over to the United States for examination by American experts.

The Palestinian Authority has always refused to hand the bullet over to the Israeli army, which is accused of killing the Al-Jazeera journalist.

“It will not be an American analysis, it will be an Israeli analysis with an American presence,” military spokesman Ran Kochav told Army radio.

The reporter was shot dead on May 11 while covering an Israeli military operation in the occupied West Bank.

Investigations carried out by the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations, as well as those by various media outlets, suggest that the bullet that killed Abu Akleh was fired by Israeli forces.

But the Israeli army maintains these conclusions are unfounded and insists that it is “impossible” to determine how the journalist was killed.

At the time of his death, Abu Akleh wore a helmet and vest emblazoned with the word “Press”.

The official Palestinian investigation concluded that the journalist died after being hit by a bullet just below her helmet.

According to the Palestinian prosecutor, it is a 5.56 mm bullet fired from a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle.

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