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In addition, the film is the most successful of Tom’s career, having previously held the record for “Mission: Impossible – Fallout Effect”, with $ 792 million. With a career spanning more than four decades, the 60-year-old actor has been cast in many critically and commercially successful productions and managed to establish himself as one of the biggest movie stars.

Discover the actor’s successes!

Mission Impossible: Fallout Effect(2018)

When we mention Tom Cruise, it is impossible not to remember the “Mission: Impossible” franchise. In this film, Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is a special agent who is involved in missions to save the world from nuclear threats or criminal organizations that want to control the war market, for example. While the hero and his team fight for the world, in some moments, they end up having to face accusations that incriminate them and, to prove otherwise, they have to make an effort.

Top Gun: Indomitable Aces(1986)

The film shows the story of pilot Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise), who was sent to a naval school where the best train. However, Maverick, as Pete is known, has irresponsible attitudes and shows a lot of arrogance, causing other pilots to dislike him, such as specialist Tom Kazanski (Val Kilmer), as he is interested in competing for the best place among the pilots and wants to win over flight instructor Charlotte Blackwood (Kelly McGillis).

The last Samurai(2003)

“The Last Samurai” takes place in the year 1870, in which an American military man named Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is sent to Japan in order to train the troops of Emperor Meiji (Shichinosuke Nakamura), as they should be able to eliminate the last samurai that still remain in place. However, at one point, Algren learns from Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe) the samurai code of honor, which makes him have a big doubt: which side to support?

Minority Report – The New Law(2002)

“Minority Report – The New Law” is one of the science fiction classics. with the direction of Steven Spielberg, the plot discusses topics about the future, technological advancement and government protection of citizens. In addition to Tom Cruise, in the cast, there are names like Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton and Max von Sydow.

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In this production, it is possible to follow the story of detective John Anderton (Tom Cruise) who, in 2054, considers himself a victim of the system for which he works. An important detail is that, in this future, the police can accurately predict crimes before they occur, reducing crime and homicide rates.

But, when it is predicted that the hero will kill someone, things end up getting out of hand and he will have to run away from the security forces that are looking for him and try to understand what is happening.

On the Edge of Tomorrow(2014)

Starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, “Edge of Tomorrow” involves a plot that takes place in the near future in which the planet Earth is taken over by a cruel alien species. In this context, Bill Cage (Tom Cruise), public relations for the United States Armed Forces, needs to take action and goes to the front lines on the day of the final confrontation. Inexplicably, Bill is trapped in time, which dooms him to repeatedly relive the same date. This means that with each death and rebirth, he begins to anticipate events and is presented with the opportunity to change the course of the battle. In this adventure, Cage has the support of warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt).

Operation Valkyrie(2008)

The historical context portrayed in “Operation Valkyrie”, which has in the cast names like Tom Cruise, Carice van Houten and Bill Nighy, is the Second World War. In this film, Tom Cruise plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberge, who returns to Germany seriously wounded, having fought in the war in Africa. Upon returning, he becomes involved in a conspiracy that is intent on killing Adolf Hitler (David Bamber). This organization wants to put into practice Operation Valkyrie, a plan that foresees that a government must be implemented to lead Germany in the event of the death of its leader. Progressively, Claus begins to gain prominence and is given the mission to commit Hitler’s assassination.

Explosive encounter(2012)

In “Burning Encounter”, Tom Cruise is agent Roy Miller, who has a special battery that never runs out. This is a highly sought after object by the United States government. For this reason, agent Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard) and a Spanish bandit, Antonio, played by Jordan Mollato get it.

At the airport, Miller meets June Havens (Cameron Diaz) and decides to use it to get the battery through customs. The problem is that, on the flight, there are several agents with the objective of eliminating Miller and getting the object.

Interview with the Vampire” (1994)

Based on the book “Interview with the Vampire” by author Anne Rice, the 1994 film features Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst in your roster. Cruise plays the iconic Lestat, a seductive vampire created by the author in the work. The plot addresses themes related to immortality, which is seen as both a curse and a blessing. While Louis, played by Pitt, believes that turning into a vampire was not good, Lestat thinks eternal life is a gift.

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“Interview with the Vampire” was a commercial success and, as a result, received two Oscar nominations, up for Best Art Direction and Best Original Score. Additionally, at the Golden Globes, Kisten Dunst was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress category.

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